Email Change of Address (Ecoa) Data Hygiene services

By Ben | Data Appending


How data enrichment / data enhancement can help my business?

Merely appending some email ids to your direct mailing list may not be sufficient to generate the revenue your business requires to succeed. About sixty percent of consumers in the United States are online, and they use email regularly. Nevertheless, each year forty percent of these customers in the US change their email ids due to several factors including change of job, change of internet service provider, and so forth. Thus, your email list should be regularly updated to ensure you have your client’s most recent email addresses.

It has estimated that email churn costs companies in the United States millions of dollars in wasted operating and marketing costs as the result of undelivered email, plus lost clients and associated revenue.’ ECOA & NCOA National Change of Address Data Hygiene service combines Email List Hygiene with email change of address management. With this service, we provide your business with an easy, cost-effective and fast way to reestablish contact with clients who have changed email addresses. Our Ecoa Data hygiene service boosts sales and delivers greater returns on investment by

Providing the following benefits:

  • Save valuable marketing dollars by decreasing costs connected with undeliverable emails
  • Retain existing subscribers or clients and enhance member loyalty
  • Ensure that your email marketing campaigns reach the inboxes of your targeted recipients
  • Avoid being blacklisted by the key internet service providers.
  • Increase returns on investment by getting your marketing message to engaged and more active prospects.

Key Features of Our ECOA Data Hygiene Service

  • standardization of company name
  • Fax and telephone number standardization
  • Job titles standardization
  • Zip code standardization
  • Address standardization concerning USPS recommended standards
  • Verification as well as update of outdated or invalid demographic details with the latest details
  • Verification as well as update of undeliverable email addresses with new email addresses

How Our Email Change of Address Service Works

Email Data Enhancement servicesEmail append services has accumulated a database of more than 10 million alternate email id combinations by monitoring changes within the records of our opt-in data associates. Also, we can usually update 5 – 12 percent of any email list in just two weeks and more than 22 percent of an email database in a year.

How our Email List Hygiene service works

At Emailappendservices, we offer list cleaning service for your firm’s acquisition or retention email database. Our list hygiene service will rectify syntax/format errors, rectify invalid domains, as well as the flag, expired domains in addition to identified bad email addresses for suppression.
Our ECOA Data Hygiene Process

Our email & data update procedure is quite simple:

  • The customer sends their undeliverable email addresses to us
  • Emailappendservices matches the record with our ECOA database
  • After that, we send emails to the prospects asking them to give us their present addresses.
  • As soon as we receive the prospects’ present address information, we update the customer’s database with the new details
  • Lastly, we send the updated database to the client including a summary report.
Aside from our ECOA Data hygiene service, other weapons for rectifying missing, incomplete and incorrect contact data are:
  • Email appending
  • Mail box checks
  • Domain checks
  • Verification
  • Correction

Investing in data ECOA data hygiene processes and tools will not only improve the performance of your marketing campaign, but it will also boost your company’s sales efficiency. Also, it can help define the perfect prospect as well as identify the right individual to get in touch with within an organization.

If you are ready to implement email change of address data hygiene, then get in touch with us now to get started.