Effective Email Segmentation to Avoid Spam and Drive Higher Traffic

By Ben | Data Segmentation

Effective Email Segmentation

The emergence of next-generation technology has made the way of communication simpler for us. Today, we use tools like WhatsApp or Skype to make our personal and official communication more convenient and flawless. Email is still recognized as one of the most effective ways of communication in this busy world and people associated with business find the medium safe and secure.

However, spam has become a major problem for emails. According to a study, 70% of emails sent in a day is considered as spam or junk mails. It is estimated that more than 100 billion spam emails are regularly sent. Here, we will talk about the effective ways to avoid spam and drive higher traffic.

Know Your Target Audience First

If you are running an email marketing campaign, then your sole target will be to reach your prospects within a large potential market. However, generic blasts can kill your online marketing campaign and that is why you should know your target audience before you make the investment. To make your campaign successful,

  • Identify the demographics
  • Understand the cultural background of your target market
  • Try to cover the demand of your niche market
  • Learn more about buyers’ likes, dislikes, and needs

If your recipients cannot identify or understand the content of your email, it will be considered as junk mail. Thus, you should know your target audience and deliver proposals efficiently.

Create a Marketing Persona

In order to impress the recipients, you should create your marketing persona. For example, if someone is promoting rock music, then he or she will not use country music as the marketing persona. Likewise, you will have to understand your customers’ behavior, their likes, dislikes and needs to create your own marketing persona.

Accumulate Relevant Data

If you start collecting the database of your existing and potential customers, then you will be able to gather tons of information. This will allow you to develop a clear picture of what your audience wants, their behavior, habits, geographic locations and many other things.

However, keeping all kind of information in your database will be a good idea. You should rather identify data that are essential to your email marketing campaign. If you find something effective that can help you in reaching your prospects while collecting data, then leverage that.

Effective Email Data Segmentation

Email optimization is not something you can finish within a day. If you want dynamic email segmentation for your marketing campaign, then you will have to work more on analysis and iteration. Before going through the process, you should understand that market shift and consumer preferences are volatile and you will have to prepare your strategy according to them.

Also, while working segmentation, you should not forget the basics of the email marketing. Content is an important part in any kind of marketing, but at the same time, you should focus on the aesthetics and presentation while going through the process. This will help you to witness a sharp increase in open rates and driving higher traffic.