Types of Information That Can Be Appended to Your Customers Database

By Ben | Data Appending

Types of data appending services

Nowadays, those businesses or services flourish which can develop a healthy relationship with customers. The Same strategy is applicable for almost every industry that deals with a wide range of clients with their varied requirements and categorization. It is crucial to maintain a strong customer database for ease of operation and quick reference. However, it is important to update your customer database, and that is why you need to append various information like email, fax, phone, etc.

Different Types of Appending Services We Provide:

  • Contact Name Appending
  • Company Name Appending
  • Email Appending
  • Phone Appending
  • Fax Matching
  • Mailing Address Appending
  • Reverse Email append
  • Reverse phone append
  • Company Revenue Size appending
  • Company Employee Size Appending
  • Sic code Appending etc..

Contact Name Appending

Contact name appending helps you to expand your influence in an organization. The process is carried out by adding alternate contacts from the same company. You can reach multiple people in one company and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with multiple contacts.

When you hire such service, it matches your business database with its large master database. First, the service conducts automatic data matching process. During this process, the system flags similar records and fresh data is appended to the records. The experts verify the remaining unmatched records manually. You can see how appending various information to your business database can help you to improve your service delivery. By appending email details, you can smartly extend the reach of your social media marketing efforts. With the appending process, you can build a proper position of your marketing campaigns for realizing their full potential.

Email Appending

Every activity carried out online requires an exchange of information. For that valid email ID is required. There is a proliferation of social media platforms. An email address is the backbone of online communications.

In the era of social media, many consumers are members of social media sites and they spend long time looking out for valuable information. By appending valid emails to your customers’ files, you would receive customer communication benefits, improve the performance of your overall marketing programs with the expansion of your marketing reach, and increase your digital touch point.

Types of appending services

Phone Append

Now you can enhance your service delivery efforts by augmenting your database with your customer’s phone number. Phone numbers are added based on the provided name or postal address. The phone append service helps you to save time and money with validated numbers.
The database can be updated in short time. With reverse phone appending services, you can communicate better and it will eventually result in improved customer service. You eliminate the waste that is related with inaccurate telephone numbers.

Fax Appending

When you are running a business, you may come across situations where you are in need of telemarketing. For that availability of correct fax numbers are required. The fax appending service would add fax numbers to your business database. This kind of service allows you to enhance your marketing campaign ROI by including telephone follow-ups, improving customer service by enabling telephone contact and reducing wastes associated with inaccurate fax numbers. Fax number appending can convert an incomplete contact file into the valuable lead list. Fax numbers can be appended to the existing lists with premium phone appending service.

Company Revenue Size Appending

Adding Revenue size information will make to zoom in more about your prospects. It will ensure and help you to filter your product/Services for target audience based on Revenue Size. Email append services can append the Revenue size details for your existing in-house database.

Employee Size Appending

Appending employee size details of a company will help to take better decisions and also you will get more insight about your prospects. It will ensure and support you to filter your target audience by number of employees working in a particular organization. We can append the employee size details for your existing in-house database.